Day 1: Setting sail

RRS James Cook leaves the dock outside NOC, heading for the study area in the North Sea

RRS James Cook set sail at around 1100 hours today from the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton through the English Channel on its next scientific expedition in the North Sea. The weather looks fantastic (so far!), so a perfect beginning. This expedition is a part of the project STEMM-CCS with an aim to acquire high-quality seismic data over chimney structures in the North Sea, about 200 km east of Aberdeen.

Day 1 of the cruise started with an introduction talk from the Principle Scientist (PSO) Prof. Jon Bull, explaining briefly the aim and the plan of action to the super excited scientific crew on board.

Briefing the science team

The ship looks all ready for the scientific operations with every bit set and secured.
The crew is already in business ā€“ preparing for their roles in the coming days.

Equipment poised and ready for action

Team poised and ready for action!

Gaye fixing connections, whilst managing to smile for the camera at the same time

The OBIC team are working hard to set up the OBSs before we reach the site…

…and here they are: OBSs lined up and ready for deployment

As part of safety on board, we had the safety drill at 1600 hours ā€“ Muster meeting and life boat drill. The safety officer briefed us on the procedure in the event of accident on ship.

Safety briefing includes practising putting on a life jacket

At the end it was a pleasant day one with none of the crew falling seasick…See you tomorrow with more updates!


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