Day 6: High resolution imaging continues!

Fantastic weather for surveying!

The day begin with the morning meeting after breakfast, in which it was decided to deploy a different high frequency sound source – the Dura Sparker – in place of the Squid Sparker source. We are fortunate to have Matt Poxon from Applied Acoustics (AA) Ltd on board; AA are the manufacturer of both systems. The Dura Sparker source contains the latest Sparker technology which uses negative discharge and is more sustainable. It uses a power of 2000 Joules/shot. It should be capable of giving more insights about the chimney structures!

The aim is to acquire high resolution data using the Dura source along the asterisk survey lines. This will enable us to look at the chimney structures at different scales of resolution and get a better understanding of their evolution and nature. So far we have data from Airguns, Squid Sparker and Dura Sparker – all of which create sound signals that penetrate through the sub-seafloor strata, but they operate at different frequencies which enables us to pick up different details in the geological structures. More high-resolution airguns called GI guns will also be deployed in the coming days, widening the range of frequencies of our seismic data. It is going to be excellent data for frequency-dependent studies!

Deployment of the Dura Spark system

Excellent job by Squid Sparker!

The asterisk survey is designed in such a way to image the chimney structures at different orientations. This will help us image the fracture patterns and understand how the physical properties of the chimney structures change with direction. In scientific terminology, this is called anisotropy.

Asterisk survey almost complete!

See you tomorrow with more updates 🙂

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