Day 10: All OBS recovered!

Unsettled weather with winds gusting 35 knots and increasing wave height meant activities had to be suspended for 12 hours. When winds reduced, activities on board resumed with the deployment of the Sound Velocity Profile (SVP) at c. 0230 hours during the night. The SVP is used to measure the water column velocity as it descends to sea floor. Soon after it, the ship crew and OBIC team were all set to start with the recovery of OBSs. They started the recovery at c. 0300 hours and successfully recovered all 25 by c. 1130 hours. Quick work!

OBS floating at the surface after triggering the release signal

OBSs are instruments which record seismic signals from the seismic sources while sitting on the sea floor. These instruments are dropped from the surface at designated locations. In our surveys, we deployed them on and around the chimney structures, also few away from the chimney to track the change in geology away from them.

Crew getting hold of the OBS in the water

OBS safely on the deck

We are now heading to the port of Aberdeen (cruise not finished yet!) to pick up a spare part for the recording streamer – back to the connected world for few hours. See you again soon with more updates.

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