Day 16: The final survey!

JC152 is acquiring seismic data along the lines of the final survey. Though it is last, it is still an important component. After collecting the spares for the streamer from Aberdeen, we reached the survey site on 7th September, c. 0500 hours.

The acquisition activities have commenced without any delay. The first to go on was the Sub Bottom Profiler (SPB). After a marine mammal survey, seismic activities resumed. Throughout this cruise, planning has been perfect – excellent coordination between science party and ship crew. Today’s plans were to record the water column velocity using a Sound Velocity Profile (SVP) and deploy 7 OBSs for the final survey.

Sound Velocity Profiler goes into the water

Unlike other surveys, which were acquired using a single streamer, this survey is being acquired by deploying two streamers behind the boat – more recordings per shot! The survey has 50 ships tracks and they are spaced at 25 metres distance, which with two streamers means we should have seismic lines every 12.5 m. Enhanced data collection from the second streamer is well underway with the aim of three dimensional image of the area. Hoping for the best!

More seismic data!

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