JC152: The end and the beginning

JC152 has been a successful cruise with loads of seismic data acquired in the North Sea. The data set acquired should greatly increase our ability to understand fluid flow processes in the sub-surface and across the seabed. Eleven seismic surveys with four different sources were recorded using Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS) and surface streamer in many varied combinations! This data set is surely going to keep the scientists occupied for next few years – processing, interpreting and publishing new understandings about chimney/fluid flow structures.

The JC152 team

We thank the Captain of James Cook and the crew for their assiduous efforts in making this acquisition possible. Maintaining the ship on track with speeds below c. 4.5 knots on blustery days isn’t an easy task! The crew did everything to make our living on ship a memorable experience.

We thank the technical support teams for their tireless work – OBIC team, National Marine Facilities, the Airgun team and Sparker team. These individuals ensured that ocean bottom data was properly collected, that seismic sources functioned efficiently and that landers were deployed in the correct way – this cruise would not have been a success without them all. Finally a big thanks to the science party, for their hard work and good humour throughout the 24 hours of a day.

All in all, it was an amazing experience in every respect: James Cook cruise 152

PS. A big thank you to the blogger – Bhargav – pictured above holding the JC152 sign.

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