Out with the old, in with the new

5 May 2019

The James Cook is in port today as we finalise preparations for the 2nd leg of the expedition. New pieces of equipment, including our underwater camera frame and sediment optodes (instruments that measure things like oxygen in the seafloor sediment), are being loaded on board ready for the controlled release experiment. But more important than the new pieces of kit are the new scientists coming with them… Dirk, Isabelle, Jonas and Paul were barely on the ship for 5 minutes before taking part in an ‘all hands’ meeting and getting caught up on the events of the first leg (as if they hadn’t been reading the blog!). Paul even received a crash course in seismic processing.

All hand science meeting: preparing for the start of the controlled release experiment

Chris and Doug brief some of the new arrivals

Paul (right) receives a crash course in seismic processing

Sadly, with such a big team involved in this project, new scientists coming aboard means some people have to leave….so goodbye to Estelle, Jianghui, Jon, Mark and Michael – thanks for all your help!

Homeward-bound for some of the team!

Those of us remaining on the ship for the next leg are making the most of our time in Aberdeen as we set sail again tomorrow and won’t be on land again until the end of the month!

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