A musical interlude

6 May 2019

We’re officially on the 2nd leg of the expedition now as RRS James Cook set sail from Aberdeen earlier today. With any other expedition you’d probably find a certain reluctancy to leave port (especially one like Aberdeen) but here its quite the opposite. Everyone is eager to get back to work and finally start making some bubbles!

And of course what better way to whet everyone’s appetite than an all-hands science meeting to plan the exact position of our landers on the seabed. Again, for any other expedition the thrill of getting to use Chris’ war room style map would be more than enough… but not for us. We managed to combine the session with a test of the James Cook’s intercom system, meaning (questionable) pop music was blaring out of the ship’s speakers throughout. While this made hearing everyone a little difficult, it certainly made for a unique experience – and after all that’s what we’re all about here at STEMM-CCS.

It’s an early night for everyone today as we move into 24 hour operations and begin our first ROV deployment at 7am tomorrow!

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