Another day, another dive

8 May 2019

We’re fully in the swing of things now having spent another full day deploying equipment on the seabed. The teams are definitely getting their money’s worth out of our ISIS ROV, keeping it busy in the water for over 10 hours across 2 dives today.

Isis has been busy today…

All eyes on the multiple screens on the ROV control van back on the ship

Today’s first dive revolved around the micro-profiler. This device analyses the chemistry of the sediment below it by slowly inserting glass micro-sensors into the sand on the seafloor. This only takes around 45 minutes, which means ISIS can wait for the profile to be finished before moving it somewhere else and repeating the process. This allows us to learn about the sediment chemistry along a transect line leading away from the future release site.

The microprofiler in place on the seafloor, surrounded by optodes and with the hydrophone wall in the background

However, even though the micro-profiler will provide a comprehensive survey all by itself, it’s  still not enough for us! So we rounded off the day deploying the benthic chamber to collect even more background data.

So ends another jam-packed day on the James Cook. Thankfully for the ROV team, tomorrow should be a little easier as we’ll be quickly swinging back past Aberdeen to pick up some last minute parts before returning to the experimental site.

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