Two’s company…

9 May 2019

Looks like this blog has really caught on. So much so that the German research ship Poseidon has turned up to have a look around. I can’t take all the credit though as this date has been part of the plan all along. The controlled release experiment is so ambitious we actually need two research ships to get everything done on time. Our counterparts on the Poseidon will be doing a large part of the water column chemistry and collecting long sediment cores to better understand the area before and after the gas starts bubbling. The team on board are also posting regular updates of their activities – you can read the English version here.

Ahoy there! The RV Poseidon is spotted on the horizon, primed and ready to play her part in the controlled release experiment

The team on board RV Poseidon will make crucial water column measurements and observations in the area surrounding the experimental site during the gas release, and then undertake the final comprehensive survey of the site once everything is finished and all the equipment has been removed.

But back to the James Cook where the real action is happening. Everyone on board has really found their rhythm now as we manage to get ahead of schedule today despite another busy roster. We arrived back at Aberdeen early this morning for a quick ship transfer of equipment (and onions) before speeding back to site and carrying out two more ROV dives. These involved swapping out one baseline benthic lander with another to ensure a continuous sweep of data, and depositing a second hydrophone wall (two really is better than one today!).

Loading the benthic boundary lander onto the ROV, ready for deployment at the seafloor

More action in the ROV control van…

…And full concentration required from Chris, Paul and Isabella!

Tomorrow is the big day as we will connect the gas tank with the pipeline and enter the final stages of release preparation…stay tuned!

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