Catching bubbles

12 May 2019

It’s been our first day of post gas release surveying and boy, has it been a busy one! ISIS worked throughout the night, monitoring the injection gas pressure at the CO2 tank and carrying out a transect of the site using our micro-profiler. This small lander takes various measurements from the underlying sediment and once analysed will reveal exactly how the release of CO2 gas has affected the surrounding sediment.

Of course we don’t just want to know how the sediment changes but also how the water and even the gas itself reacts. Thankfully to that end we have Anita on board who’s been using the ROV to collect water and gas samples. The gas samples are by far the most entertaining as ISIS attempts to use an inverted funnel above the seep and capture each bubble as it escapes – not the easiest task!

Stay tuned tomorrow as we get our first post-release data and some up close visuals of the bubbles.

Anita closely monitors the work of ROV Isis via the screens in the control van on the ship

This is how you catch bubbles: with a robotic arm and an inverted funnel!

Once the gas samples are back on board the ship, Anita carries out chemical analyses in the wet lab

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