Phoning home

20 May 2019

There’s less than 10 days left on the expedition but the team’s showing no signs of lagging as we push on through for our last few days of surveying. The morning kicked off with another Gavia survey, tracing out a rather spectacular spiral pattern above the experiment site whilst collecting seawater pH data, photographing the seabed and collecting seismic data.

Gavia gets back to work…

…and keeps busy with a complicated survey pattern!

Meanwhile back on board, worried that the great news about our experiment wasn’t reaching enough people, we carried out a live Q&A session with a group of Year 8 students from my old school Whitchurch High. We chatted over Skype about climate change, carbon capture and storage, the controlled release experiment and what it’s like to live on a ship. It was a really enjoyable experience for everyone (even if the AUV team tried to take the opportunity to send an SOS!).

Skype call with students from Whitchurch School

“SOS” from the ROV team.

Of course my motivation for arranging these sessions isn’t entirely selfless. I’m personally too busy operating all my landers (and writing the blog!) to process all the data I’m getting, so the students have kindly “volunteered” to analyse it for me. They’ve been sent a short snippet of footage from the optical lander and following our chat are ready to measure the size and speed of bubbles to help inform my interpretation of the acoustic data.

Part of me feels bad for giving them a load of difficult homework right before the school holidays… but in my defence they are now official a part of the coolest CCS experiment ever!


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