Happy Birthday

24 May 2019

It’s been another quiet day on the James Cook as we continue to wait for the weather to calm down enough to pick up the CO2 container. Not that there isn’t still plenty of work to do as teams wrap up their cruise reports and start packing away equipment. There was one last school’s session with the kids of Valentine Primary, and – to really keep everyone active – a final muster drill. The 7 blasts of the ships horn summoning everyone and their lifejackets to the hangar.

A muster drill keeps everyone on their toes…there’s never time for complacency as far as health and safety is concerned.

The muster drill wasn’t the only time the whole team got together today. We also spent the day’s science briefing celebrating everyone’s favourite long-haired handsome blogger’s birthday! I turned 24 today and I couldn’t think of a better place to spend it (… well maybe 3 or 4 but they’re certainly not as unique). It was a really nice surprise with the sensors team going so far as to make balloons out of rubber gloves and our chef Charlotte even baked me a cake!

Happy Birthday Ben!

The weather is set to improve tomorrow so fingers crossed we can get back in the water soon!

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