The final dive

26 May 2019

After a long, hard month ISIS has completed its final dive of the expedition. The ROV has been a true workhorse throughout this experiment, tirelessly ferrying our landers up and down from the ship to the release site. Bearing in mind deployment and recovery are typically the most difficult part of ROV deployment it’s amazing the team was able to average 3 dives a day throughout the release phase.

ISIS didn’t take it easy for its final dive though. In fact, it completed what may be its most intricate task so far: carefully attaching a new recovery line to the long-lost Devologic lander in preparation for tomorrow’s rescue. This would be a very fiddly task on the surface so watching the ROV perform it 120m underwater with robotic arms was incredible.

Tomorrow is set to be our last day of work as we carry out one last Gavia AUV survey and pick up the Devologic lander.

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