JC180: Who’s on board?

The RRS James Cook is at full capacity: our team of geologists, geochemists, geophysicists, technologists and engineers will join the ship on the evening of 24 April, ready for an early departure from port in Southampton on 25 April.

Those of you following our blog over the next few weeks will get to know the team, but to start with here’s an introduction to a few VIPs on board:

Doug Connelly is the man in charge: not only is he the lead scientist for the cruise, he’s also the coordinator of the whole STEMM-CCS project. Doug is a geochemist and has spent many weeks (months…?) of his professional life at sea on research vessels – experience that will come in very handy on a complicated cruise like this one!


Chris Pearce is second in command on the science team – he’s been very busy over the last few months, making sure that everyone has their kit ready, and planning out how all the many instruments will be deployed on and around the release site so that we can make the right measurements at the right time. Chris is also a geochemist.


Ben Roche will be your eyes and ears on the ship during the cruise. Ben is a PhD student at the University of Southampton, where he is specialising in the hydroacoustic and visual detection of CO2 escape – bubbles! Ben has a keen interest in communicating scientific research to a wider audience, so he will be posting a regular blog on this site to keep the wider world up to date with everything happening on the ship.