The JC152 team

The team on board RRS James Cook comprises scientists from the University of Southampton, the National Oceanography Centre, University of Edinburgh, GEOMAR and specialists from NERC’s Ocean Bottom Instrumentation Facility (OBIF) and Applied Acoustics Ltd.

Prof. Jon Bull (University of Southampton)

bullJon is the Principal Scientist on the expedition. He works on a variety of research topics across the spectrum of marine geophysics, structural geology and surface processes, with particular emphasis on seismic reflection imaging. His current research focusses on active tectonics, marine geophysics and understanding pathways for fluid flow.

Prof. Tim Minshull (University of Southampton)

minshullTim is a geophysicist specialising high-resolution seismic and controlled source electromagnetic techniques to image sub-seafloor geological structures and gas/fluid pathways.

Dr Gaye Bayrakci (University of Southampton)

BayrakciGaye is a Research Fellow at the university of Southampton. Her interests are signal processing and time series analysis, particularly in relation to acoustic and seismic monitoring of seafloor gas emissions.

Prof. Tim Henstock (University of Southampton)

henstockTim is a geophysicist with particular interest in developing high-resolution seismic techniques and instrumentation to investigate sub-seafloor structures. Tim uses these observations to build mathematical models in order to better understand the dynamics of geological processes.

Mr Bhargav Boddupalli (University of Southampton)

bhargavBhargav is a postgraduate researcher in geophysics at the University of Southampton, developing high resolution 3D velocity models and finding novel techniques to enhance the value of OBS data.

Ms Vanessa Monteleone (University of Southampton)

monteloneVanessa is a postgraduate researcher in geophysics at the University of Southampton.

Mr Ben Owen (University of Southampton)

Ben recently graduated from the University of Southampton with a Master’s in Geophysics, and was given the opportunity to work on the cruise as a Marine Mammal Observer

Mr Ben Ollington (University of Southampton)

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Mr Dan Ellis (University of Southampton)

Dan is an MSci Geophysics undergraduate soon to begin the final year of his degree, and has wide research interests covering a range of geophysical topics. He has undertaken terrestrial fieldwork in locations such as Tenerife, Western France and South Australia. This research cruise will be his first.

Mr Giuseppe Provenzano (University of Southampton)

provenzanoGiuseppe is a postgraduate researcher in geophysics at the University of Southampton. He works on the modelling and inversion of very-high-resolution seismic data, for offshore engineering and marine geohazard applications

Dr Hector Marin Moreno (National Oceanography Centre)

morenoHector works in the areas of computational geoscience, rock physics modelling, and offshore geotechnics. He uses modelling techniques to understand changes in the electric, acoustic, thermal, mechanical and fluid flow properties of marine sediments to anthropogenic and natural perturbations. He is currently focusing on the reactive transport modelling of chimney structures in the North Sea above potential CO2 storage reservoirs.

Dr Mark Chapman (University of Edinburgh)

chapmanMark is a geophysicist specialising in rock physics and seismic anisotropy. He is particularly interested in the frequency dependence of anisotropy, and how this can be related to fluid saturation, fracturing and permeability. He has applied his work extensively through projects related to both the petroleum industry and carbon capture and storage.

Mr Phil Cilli (University of Edinburgh)

Phil is a postgraduate researcher working with Mark Chapman at the University of Edinburgh. His research is focused on anisotropic rock physics modelling of carbonate reservoirs in the Brazilian Pre-salt. His interests are in rock physics, seismic anisotropy, and seismic inversion.

Mr Zhaoyu Jin (University of Edinburgh)

JinJin is a postgraduate researcher working with Mark Chapman at the University of Edinburgh. His research is focused on the use of frequency-dependent anisotropy for reservoir characterisation. He is interested in rock physics and seismic anisotropy.

Mr Matthew Poxon (Applied Acoustics Ltd)

Matt Poxon is an Engineer working for Applied Acoustics in their Great Yarmouth Facility. Matt provides technical support and training. Matt has ten years experience working on survey projects in the Oil and Gas, Cable laying and renewables sector around the world and is providing technical support on behalf of Applied Acoustics in support of the JC152 Cruise.

Ms Anna Bird (OBIF)

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Mr Ben Pitcairn (OBIF)

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Mr Martin Weeks (OBIF)

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Mr Andy Clegg (OBIF)

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